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Attention Veterans Golfers!

The best “stand alone” putter in golf has been designed just for you.

We are committed to you as a golfer and as an inspiration, to support this claim, $10.00 of every sale will be donated to participating organizations

The L2 PatriotWhere Performance meets Technology

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Rescue your short game with the most forgiving putter in golf…

You deserve THE HONORS

 *Stands alone for perfect alignment

*3.5″ sweet spot “zone” for perfect ball contact every time.

*Maintains head stability throughout the stroke producing dependable direction

*Translates a pure Pendulum motion into touch and feel for maximum distance control


We’re already making believers out of golfers who use the L2 Patriot


The PATRIOT promotes stability and confidence to your game you can rely on in the heat of battle.

The PATRIOT takes the drama out of putting and replaces visualizing and second-guessing with seeing and feeling performance in action.


The PATRIOT packs a variety of features into a simple design.


The patented Perimeter weighted ring design of the PATRIOT, maximizes M.O.I. and insures club head stability. By increasing size AND weight, the L2 line of putters produces a higher Moment of Inertia than any putter on the market.


Bold alignment marks enhance repeatable club alignment As well as body alignment.


The average putter has a sweet spot about the size of a dime. The physics design of the PATRIOT,increases this preferred impact area to 5 dimes wide! That’s an area 5x as larger than any putter on the market!

Hello, my name is Britton Munoz. I am a 52-year-old visually impaired golfer. I am legally blind and my vision is very blurry. I am still getting used to the weight but my putting has become more accurate  and improved. I actually shot in 93 on Monday and my putting helped or four-man team take first  place in  our Tuesday League tournament.  I am so excited to get use to it and use it more.  The more comfortable I get with it see how much better my short game can be. you made a great product.  Additionally, the white  alignment lines are great  for  A visually impaired golfer  My coach aligns the alignment lines since the putter stands up and then I get behind and putt, You have a great product.

Britton Munoz


 I am proud to be the Golf Brand Ambassador for L2 XL series Putters. In all of my years of teaching and playing golf professionally, this putter is the best I have ever come across and played with.

 Matt Lake

 *Folks, have an open mind. If you’re in the market for a product that will help your game and lower your scores then look no further than L2 Putters and its MOI MAXX model. Maybe “size does matter” after all. I have long been “pro-heavy” and the MOI MAXX simply reinforces that belief further and simply holes more putts.

Alexander Toth “Until The Next Tee”


Just wanted to say how much I love the L2 MOI Maxx putter with the XL grip. This has and will ever change my putting. The fact it stands upright by itself behind the ball, makes sure I am always lined up correctly is a huge plus. I never have to second guess my line. All I have to do is maintain the right back swing and follow through like a pendulum and it’s as good as in.



 The standup feature is perhaps my favorite. It takes all doubt about aim out of the equation. If your putt doesn’t start out on the desired line, you know for a fact that you mis-stroked the putt. I used to teach at the Dave Pelz Scoring Game Schools, and I can tell you from experience that only a small percentage of golfers came aim their putter even close to correctly. I happen to be in the group of people that are bad at aiming as well. While the putter is in position, I can get my feet and ball position perfect. Every time. This is an aspect of putting that golfers might not even realize is an issue, but golfers have a hard time aligning their shoulders correctly. (My tendency is to set up with my shoulders closed.). While the putter is balanced in position, I can let my arms hang from my shoulders, and I can move my shoulders till my hands are parallel with my aim line. When they get that way, I simply grip the club from there, and I’m set up perfectly.

 So, I can aim perfectly; align perfectly; set my shoulders perfectly, and allow the weight of the putter ensure that I stroke the putt with good rhythm.

Art Smith


If you want different results..try something DIFFERENT!

 Putting performance means


*Alignment  *Direction *Distance                          


Stand-alone feature with bold alignment marks for behind the ball alignment accuracy.


Bold alignment marks are an easy view from behind the ball as well as for body alignment at address.


The highest M.O.I. in golf means a face that stays down the line with a 3.5” sweet spot zone for perfect ball contact every time.


Now you can apply a full backstroke and a pendulum tempo motion, producing a gravity fed momentum that generates energy taking the “hit” out of your stroke.





Golf News Net 

If you’re a former anchor putter and you’re finding that counter-balanced solutions aren’t effective and aren’t heavy enough to prevent twitching and pulling putts, then you should look at the L2.


 Hacker’s paradise 

While it is easy to be hung up on the size, it does back up the performance characteristics which it touts.


Golf Life 

(Best New Products 2016 PGA show)

I feel that the L2 Traditional putter is a very good putter with some very strong design characteristics that make it an interesting putter.

American golfer 

A consistent smooth, pendulum tempo is the greatest asset of the putting stroke. The same tempo that only varies in length to determine distance gives a golfer a yip-proof motion.

The Sand Trap

I love Johns putter, but I love the putting system even more.

Golfer Gear Weekly 

As advertised the L2 is forgiving, perhaps the most forgiving we have ever tested though admittedly that’s a subjective judgment. What is without question though, if you are having problems making solid contact, beset by the “twitches” or still looking for a replacement for your banned belly or broomstick there could be some distinct benefits from this putter.

The Golf Biz 

Enter science and a new trend in putting technology. The physics-inspired L2 MOI MAXX putter incorporates size and weight into a perimeter weighted design engineered for one purpose – to make putting more simple and to lower scores.


 (Best New Products 2016 PGA show)

Yes it’s way too big. Yes it’s way too heavy. Yes it doesn’t look like a Scotty, a Bettinardi, or even an Odyssey for that matter, but for those who are searching for an answer to the new USGA anchoring ban, or are just struggling to make a consistent stroke, John Ambrose might have created your solution.  

    (Best Putters 2016 PGA show)


50% higher MOI then the next highest rated Putter.


I’ve fallen in love with this putter.


     Moment of Inertia (M.O.I.)


Moment Of Inertia, (M.O.I.,) is the most important physics aspect of club design. Simply put, the higher the M.O.I. of a club, the higher the standard of performance…Period. The perimeter weighted ring design ensures a perfect stroke. The extreme M.O.I. of the PATRIOT has up to 8 times higher Moment of Inertia than any putter on the market, resulting in a square face, down the line motion, along with a 3.50” sweet spot zone that guarantees perfect ball contact every time.

 Welcome to the next level of putter performance

                       THE PATRIOT PUTTER


The amazing Patent pending XL GRIP, promotes a “dead hands” stroke by taking the hands and wrists out of the motion. The combination of the added upright lie angle along with the opposing palm grip option, promotes a pure down the line, PENDULUM STROKE.


 Stands alone, for Perfect alignment, every time

3 1/2” sweet spot zone, means perfect ball contact

The amazing patented XL grip

We understand that simplifying your putting requires some help–that’s why we created our PATRIOT PUTTER BOOT CAMP. In order to fully unlock the potential of your new putter, let’s dive into the details that make THE PATRIOT truly revolutionary..

L2 Patriot Boot Camp – Club Head and Body Alignment

L2 Patriot Boot Camp – Direction Mechanics – Pendulum Putting

L2 Patriot Boot Camp – Distance, Touch, and Feel

L2 putters are U.S.G.A. and R.&A. conforming